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Current Constitution and Bylaws


PART 1 - ARTICLE THREE - Duties of Elected Members (Directors)

The General Manager of Hockey Operations of OWHA & LLFHL OWHA & LLFHL Rep shall:


  • Represent the CGHA in all matters involving the OWHA.
  • Attend meetings, discipline hearings and other OWHA matters.
  • Vote on OWHA matters as required under the OWHA constitution and represent the CGHA.
  • Uphold OWHA playing rules as it pertains to CGHA players, coaches and executive members.  


Represent the CGHA in all matters of the LLFHL.

  • Act as General ManagerLeague Liaison under the LLFHL policy.
  • Attend regional meetings and present CGHA interests to the Board.
  • Vote on matters of interest to the CGHA.
  • Uphold LLFHL rules and enforce as such.
  • Manage MTW as a GM for the CGHA.

PART 1 - ARTICLE FOUR - Duties of Appointed Officials

The Coach Shall:

  • Be responsible for collecting the team shirts after every game and ensure that team shirts are only used for games (HouseLeague Only).

PART II - ARTICLE TEN - Competitive Teams

All competitive teams shall carry a minimum of thirteenfifteen (13 15) skaters and two (2) goalies and a maximum as prescribed by the OWHA unless approval to the contrary is received by the CGHA committee President, Vice President Rep and Vice President Houseleague and in accordance with OWHA governance.


Part II – ARTICLE TEN.ONE – Responsibilities of Team Official (B)
The Coach must have or obtain a minimum Certification of National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Level One (1).   In accordance with the OWHA handbook, coaches and trainers must have or obtain the minimum certifications for the level of coaching required.


PART II - ARTICLE EIGHT.ONE - Team Standings Round Robin PIay-offs (House League)

(A) All divisions will play a Round Robin series which will consist of two (2) ten and one (12) minute stop time periods.

(B) Team standings will be determined according to points earned where two (2) points are awarded for a win and one (1) point for a tie and zero (0) points for a loss.

(C) Ties in the Round Robin series will be broken according to the following rules in the order listed:

        i) Winner between the tied teams when they played head to head;

        ii) Fewest goals against;

        iii) Fewest penalty minutes;

        iv) Percentage as calculated by dividing team’s “goals for” by the SUM of the         team’s “goals for and goals against”. TGF / (GF + GA) = % (see chart)

        v) Most goals for;

        vi) Coin toss;

  1. Winner between the tied teams (2 teams only, 3 or more teams use next tiebreaker) when they played head to head in round robin.
  2. Most wins in round robin.
  3. Percentage as calculated by dividing the team’s total “Goals for” by the SUM of the team’s Goals for and Goals against” TGF/(GF + GA) = % (see chart) in round robin.
  4. Fewest penalty minutes in round robin.
  5. Fewest goals against in round robin.
  6. Most goals for in round robin.
  7. Coin toss

(D) Each team will have 1, 30 second timeout available to them in the championship games ONLY.