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Annual General Meetings


South Courtice Arena (upstairs meeting room) 

May 31, 2022 7:00 pm to 9 pm  

Notice of Motion:

Tim Sutton: 05/17/22

PART II - ARTICLE TWO.THREE - Team Official(s) Rules

Team officials shall only be permitted to be rostered to one (1) competitive team per season.  A spouse of a team official shall be permitted on HL rosters but shall not be permitted to be on any competitive team roster.  (Spouse is defined as wife, husband, ex-wife, ex-husband, or common law relationship) 


Adding a bylaw that restricts parents from being team officials on multiple competitive rosters will limit control or optics of control of said teams and provide the opportunity for more parents to get involved as volunteers. This bylaw should not apply to non-parent team officials.

Anonymous: 05/10/22

Motion that all import players from the 2022 season not be grandfathered into the CGHA


Anonymous due to the potential impact to the player, and the motion is brought because the bylaws were not followed concerning the numbers outlined, far exceeded and that a new policy was introduced mid tryouts impacting such number before the membership could vote, this however with an appreciation and understanding that the board is working on a development plan and new approach to imports for 2023 which we look forward to hearing.


Board Executive Position Vacancies (Nominations) *must have current  board experience  

The following positions have been acclaimed:

President: Julie VanHartingvelt

VP of Rep: Leslie Strachan

Secretary: Lindsay Cochrane

Treasurer: Kathy Godfrey

Coach and Player Development for HL: Jason Bonner

Director of Communications:  Emily Martin

Director of Fund Development: Jay Dickson

Positions Requiring Voting:

Director of Goalie Development:  Matt Bourgeouis / Shawn Sexton

Director of Safety and Wellness:  Travis Lee / Andrea Porter

Unfilled and Open to Nomination from Floor:

Director of Tournaments:   

In the event that no nominations are brought forth for a specific vacancy further nomination will be accepted from the floor at the AGM. In the event that only one nomination is received for a specific vacancy, per the terms outlined above, the nominee shall be acclaimed at the AGM. Two (2) or more nominees shall require a vote by the membership with 50% plus one (1) required to determine the successful candidate. 


A. There will be an Annual General Meeting of the General Membership of the CGHA on or before the last day of May. The date, time and location of such meeting will be determined by the President and communicated to the general membership of the CGHA a minimum of two (2) weeks prior and shall include the Agenda (ARTICLE EIGHT.ONE (C)) along with any “notices of motion” and Executive Council positions open for election. 

B. The Agenda for the Annual General Meeting must include but not be limited to: 

  1. Minutes of the preceding Annual General Meeting; 

  1. Business Arising from the Minutes; 

  1. The presentation of the Annual Financial Statement, which is in accordance with generally accepted account principles, by the Treasurer; 

  1. Other Members’ Reports; 

  1. New Business; 

  1. Notices of Motion; 

  1. Election of Officers and other Members of the Executive Council. 

  1. The ratification of any Expulsions, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, Policies, or Appointments to the Executive Council made by the Executive Council during the previous year; 

  1. Adjournment 


C. The newly elected Members will become a Member at Large to be trained under the auspices of the outgoing Member. The outgoing Member will turn over the responsibility of their Office at the season end (June 30). Newly elected members shall make every reasonable effort to attend current Association events (i.e.: Competitive tryouts) for training purposes and to aid in the execution of said events. Newly elected members shall attend the final General Meeting in June. 

Constitutional Amendments 

Notice of any proposed alteration or amendment must be submitted to the Secretary of the CGHA, in writing, at least thirty (30) days prior to the Annual General Meeting. 

The ratification of any Expulsions, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, Policies, or Appointments to the Executive Council made by the Executive Council during the previous year; 

By-Law Updates  

Article 1 – Name and Brand  

The official logos of the CGHA shall be, as illustrated in Article One and may only be used for such purposes and in such manner as directed by the CGHA. Said logo shall only be reproduced in such materials and colours as approved in writing by the CGHA, please see brand guide for use and colour options. 

Article 2 – Roles  


Present a draft Budget, for the upcoming season, for the approval of the Executive Council as of March 1, to be finalized after the Registration process is complete.  

Updated date to reflect fiscal year update. 

The Immediate Past President  

  • Remove act in the capacity of President should the current President desist in the execution of this role. 

  • Update the title of Director of Publicity to Director of Communications wherever found. 

  • Remove Lower Lakes Representative Role. 

  • Combine duties of Director of Fundraising and Sponsorship into a newly formed role Director of Fund Development,  

  • The addition of a new role, Director of Wellness and Safety 

Constitutional Updates  

Role re-alignment and creation as outlined above 

Fiscal Year change  

The fiscal year will be deemed to run from April 1 to March 31. 


The CGHA added the following policies:

CGHA-001 Covid-19 Policy  

CGHA-002 Volunteer Policy  

CGHA-003 Sponsorship and Fundraising Policy  

CGHA-004 Refund Policy  

CGHA-005 Bullying, Harassment and Abuse Policy  

CGHA-006 Equipment and Apparel Policy  

CHGA-007 Resident Eligibility Requirements for Competitive/Rep Players 

Board Executive Code of Conduct 


  • Ice scheduler  
  • Treasurer  
  • Director, Goalie Development