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Midget A-1

Regular Season 2019-2020
2019-2020 x Regular Season

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Midget A1 Commemorates the Season

Gloves off to a wonderful season!

Midget A1 had a very successful season creating lifelong memories and friends. The season ended in a way that has never happened before which will ensure that this season will never be forgotten and will have a special place in everyone's hearts! Midget A1 placed 2nd in their division, won 3 tournaments, and made it to the 3rd round of playoffs that were cut short due to Covid-19. To summarize the season, Midget A1 is ranked 6th in Canada!

Midget A1 Plays Outdoor Game

Central York VS. Midget A1

Midget A1 got the opportunity to play in an outdoor game! Thanks to Central York for giving us a competitive clean game. It is safe to say that even the coaches and refs had fun! And I can guarantee that not too many players can say that they have shot a puck into a tree!

Midget A1 Faces Team China

National Anthem Midget A1 VS. Team China

Midget A1 was invited to play Team China to give the girls the challenge they needed, ending the game with a 3-3 tie. Midget A1 is thankful that they had the chance to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Midget A1 Wins Gold in Montreal

Montreal CAN/AM Tournament

The girls traveled all the way to Montreal! They played 4 games in total and came out with a 3-0-1 record! They came first in their division and came back home with gold medals in their hands! 

Midget A1 Wins Gold at Home

Clarington Applefest Tournament

The girls had a 4-0-1 record at the end of the tournament. They didn't disappoint as they kept the gold medals at home where they belong!

Midget A1 Wins Gold in Oakville

Oakville Harvest Tournament

The girls played in one of the biggest tournaments known to man-kind with over 100 teams. The girls played 6 games in total and were undefeated! They fought hard to bring home gold, and made Clarington proud!

Midget A1 Tournaments

Oakville Harvest

September 20-22

Clarington Applefest

October 18-22

Montreal CAN/AM

November 29-December 1

Nepean Paint It Purple

January 31-February 2



Team On Ice Cheer